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The God of Hope...

Someone will be crying themselves to sleep tonight...and that hurts my heart.

While it is true that I am overjoyed about this holiday season (and boy have I went above and beyond to celebrate this year), I am equally saddened by the thought that many others who have lost loved ones recently will have to wake up Christmas Day without their special someone - whoever that may be to them.

Loss is hard enough as it is, but to lose someone so close to the holiday season seems to only compound that heartbreak.

We can never take for granted that we have who we have around us when we enter holiday seasons. Many of us can get consumed with shopping, cooking, eating, etc...that we fail to take a moment to realize that there will be some people who will struggle just to get up out of the bed tomorrow. Grief will attempt to consume them.

All of the things that naturally should bring us joy this week like music, laughter, and hugs will be heavy triggers for somebody.

That is why I wanted to take the time today to pause and send out a few words of hope and encouragement for anyone who may need it. My prayer is that the swell of grief you feel today, tomorrow, and likely even in the future will at some point decrease...and the God of hope will fill you immensely with all joy and peace (Romans 15:13). I pray that your hearts overflow with hope for better days ahead.

The gift of HOPE that only God can give is the best thing that we can all be graced with. Hope is what keeps us going when the world seems to halt our steps. Hope is what boosts our confidence when grief weighs us down. Hope is how we find our way out of the dark when we can't see any other way.

I pray that your entry into tomorrow and the next day, and the next is brightened by hope.

Know that I am thinking of you and praying for you!


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