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The Process and the Promise...

When I started working at Saint Mark Baptist Church over two years ago as an intern during my seminary matriculation, I was somewhere between the beginning of a lengthy process and the Lord's promise. Well, today the promise is being realized. I'm now Pastor Krys y'all! Whew. I still find myself looking up at God and smiling when I hear it said or I say it to myself. It's such a heavy mantle to carry that I'm not rushing with it. But God is so good. God is faithful. And God will help me carry what he called me to carry: Which is the role of Online Campus Pastor for the best church on this side of heaven (I'm biased). 🎉

I've officially moved from social media to social ministry!

Y'all. There were moments over the past few years (once I left law enforcement) where I felt so hidden and it did NOT feel good. I knew God had called me into ministry but I didn't at first understand the sacrifices it would require of me on the journey. After all, there was nothing that seemed to "fit" what I desired to do in the church, which was digital discipleship. But I grew to learn that what was most important was that God saw me. El Roi. The One who sees everything about us even when we can't see it for ourselves. God indeed had a plan for me all along. And I eventually discovered too at some point in this process that I wasn't necessarily hidden in a negative way... I was actually being covered. Covered by God. Covered by my pastor. Covered by my ministry mentors.

Major thanks to all the above. 🙌🏽


Listen. When you're hidden you're moved out of sight and made to look invisible. It's essentially harder to discover you.

But when you're covered. Whew! You're concealed and protected; you're enclosed within something that can make sure you're preserved from whatever's on the outside until it's time to be safely unveiled for those who will see you and handle you correctly. I was being (and I am still being) prepared in private and that is one of the best things that could have happened to me as a leader in ministry. But God is slowly unveiling me in this season as a professional, public servant-leader. Sidenote: Every person should be prepared privately before given a public platform. But y'all. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the process. The process led me to the promise. But it was obedience in the process that preserved me and made the promise even a remote possibility. Just imagine if Abraham in Genesis 22 concluded that the promise wasn't worth the required sacrifice of obedience - since God promised what he promised anyway. By all means if God's word is true and "it is so" then why come with stipulations that would mean potentially not seeing the promise fulfilled, right? Oftentimes we feel so entitled to what we believe God for that we miss what God expects of usas believers while we wait for it to fully manifest. We instead choose to try and manifest it ourselves. Like... forget making the sacrifice of submission to get it when we can just speak it so, right?

But let me tell you... Obedience still matters. Obedience makes the difference. God is still sovereign over the process and the promise; and both require a submitted heart.

I am a living witness that because I endured the process, God has done a new thing and it is marvelous to see. So, I look forward to continuing my mission of engaging you online (and offline) with the love of Christ, equipping you with wise counsel, and empowering you with the Word of God...but now as a PASSA!

Please pray for me as I embark on this new journey. Because the promise fulfilled is still a process.

Love you lots, Pastor Krys.

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😊Congrats Passa!!! Obedience is the key to success. You are an example to many of what it means to be authentic to yourself and committed to a trustworthy God! God's BEST for YOU!!!

Krys McDonald
Krys McDonald

Thank you so much!!! I'm so grateful.

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