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One Thing That I Desire…

One of my favorite places to get breakfast food is Waffle House…

But I have to get my food to go though. I really don’t like sitting in the restaurant and watching them prepare my meal.


Because their preparation process is too messy for me. Things don’t look as I desire them too so it makes me want the food less if I’m sitting there watching them prepare it in that distracting kitchen. I’m used to having a clean area when I cook and they be having (improper grammar for emphasis) stuff all over the place. Pancake batter be (again, for emphasis) hanging down from the counter etc. Eww.


See, I prefer a clean kitchen as I cook or as my food is prepared. But even though their process is different from mine, it doesn’t change the fact I appreciate the taste of Waffle House food when I eat it. The All Star breakfast has all the essentials I need to get full! So, I just get mine to go so I can actually enjoy it away from the mess.


I said all of that to say…

Sometimes the process of a thing will make us look at the thing different. Our desire changes as a result. And if we’re not careful we will begin to think that, because our own process works for us, it should be the standard for others and they should process the same.

So wrong.

👉🏽 This is why I think there are millennials struggling with whether they should go to the church building or get their Jesus to go…usually choosing the latter. It’s less “messy” in their mind.