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We Can’t Do What Holy Spirit Does…

Y’all. I had to come to the blog for this one…because my thoughts are too much for a simple status.

Recently, I came across a post on social media which got my attention because it was about worship. I am a worshipper. I love worshipping God through every inch of my life (although I sometimes fail) so this post intrigued me…

There was a phrase in the post, though, that made me wonder “what does THIS mean in this context” so I inquired in the comments for clarity, but not to be controversial. I truly wanted to understand why that particular phrasing was used in context with worship.


Well, because often in religious spaces (online and offline) our perspective of worship is usually defined by improper views of worship based on what it looks like to us and not what God meant it to look like FOR us.

For instance, when people don’t raise their hands and shout or cry during corporate worship we as humans automatically assume they aren’t worshipping. We then likely judge their level of spiritual maturity based on their lack of response to the atmosphere or music in the room. We get frustrated and want the people who worship like we do to be in the room. So, when a praise and worship leader says “stand up and shout if you love the lord” but you don’t stand and shout, it has to mean you aren’t worshipping and you don’t love the Lord right?!

Well, if we know that worship is a movement and not a moment then we know this way of thinking is wrong. I’ll explain what I mean in more detail but stay with me OK.

Worship isn’t relegated to just worship spaces. It’s about where the heart is no matter if we see it or not.

So, when I see a phrase that insinuates some people have to be ”prodded” to worship it warrants a conversation for clarity...but only if the people having the conversation both see good intentions in each other as they dialogue.

Well in my desire to gain clarity I gained way more than that. I gained an understanding of so much more.