Wear Pink Tee

Wear Pink Tee


According to proven research, Black women and White women get breast cancer at about the same rate, but black women die from breast cancer at a higher rate than white women. It's no guess why. Due to systemic racism in the healthcare system, Black women are disproportionately dying from the same illnesses that others survive.


This is why we have to advocate for our Black sistas! This tee is a statement to support breast cancer awareness for all, but especially our Black women who are more likely to die from this type of cancer than their counterparts.


Let's paint the city pink for October!!!

Color: Light Pink
  • Style/Sizing

    This statement tee is a unisex fit for both men and women; soft ringspun cotton and polyester blend.

  • Return/Refund Policy

    Due to on-demand printing, this purchase does not qualify for exchange or return. Please order correct size. If you have any questions that I can assist you with, please do not hesistate to contact me via website or social media.

  • Processing/Shipping

    Due to on-demand printing, statement tees are printed as ordered. Please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for processing, packaging, and shipping.  Thank you in advance for your patience as your order is processed and sent to you.