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Who Told You That You Were?

This world is becoming such a crazy place to live in. There is an increasing amount of people who are choosing to do what is right in their own eyes, not realizing (or caring?) that their actions do have repercussions.

The reality is that the weight of our sin doesn't impact us as much when we think no one sees it. That's why sin in secrecy is so dangerous. We will keep doing it, if we can get away with it because we think no one knows...or will call us out if they do know.

In many cases, it is the EXPOSURE of sin that brings shame which should lead a person to accountability, grounded in repentence. But it doesn't always immediately work that way...I mean, just look at President 45 for a popular quick reference. He ain't got no shame in His political game. The US government is slowly imploding.

But to keep this clean, let's talk about first lady Eve and her man Adam, who were naked and felt no shame until they sinned by eating fruit from the forbidden tree and were exposed. At the point of hiding themselves, they knew they had sinned only because they began to see themselves differently...likely because of how they felt about themselves in the flesh once it had been spiritually perverted. They only knew to hide because now being naked "felt" wrong.

How we see ourselves is deeply impacted by how we feel about ourselves, which is predicated by what we are ingesting into our spirit, physically and mentally.

Adam and Eve allowed Satan to get in their head once they began ingesting the wrong stuff. What was once considered "very good" was now instantly tainted because of an impulsive decision.


God saw that they had sinned and asked, "who told you that you were naked?" Basically asking them (in my paraphrased voice), "who said that" like Porsha did at the dinner table with the girls on Real Housewives of Atlanta when the answer was obvious.

I found God's question to Adam funny when reading Genesis 3 because He is being tongue-in-cheek to me. We should know from the text that the only existing beings at this time were God, Adam, Eve, and the serpent. There weren't many people who could have told Adam and Eve that they were exposed.

God's question was framed in accountability.

So "who said that" the first couple were buttnaked? (drumroll)...Adam and Eve revealed it to one another once their eyes were opened. Their choice to sin affected the way they perceived each other and themselves. They told on themselves with their actions when God exposed them.

Oh, and the serpent had already given them a heads up in a deceptively cunning way before they chose to eat the forbidden fruit. He said, "God knows that when you eat [from the tree] your eyes will be opened." Then, only after Adam ate did their eyes open and they recognize in a shameful way that they were naked.

It's important to understand that their nakedness was never the sin, it was how they felt about their nakedness that became the problem once they let their desire lead them to make the wrong choice. What was once beautiful and considered "very good" was now attached to shame only because of an internal shift within Adam and Eve. They no longer needed Satan to tempt them externally because they now had an internal tempter resting within their py