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Faithing It

You want to know what the major key is to living life in peace?

It's keeping a strong faith in God even when you cannot feel Him close to you. Sounds so simple, huh?

For me, it really is just that simple.

There's no need for me to get caught up on "what isn't" when I choose to remind myself daily - WHO IS. The Word of God has ensured me that what was promised to me is given to me through faith because I believe!

When you live by FAITH, you must believe! The one who doubts is tossed around in life like a wave tosses a boat at sea (James 1:6). I don't want to be tossed around like that. I get motion sickness too easy. I'd rather be well, so I choose to "be still and know." is so easy for us to get fired up for Christ when things are going well, when we are feeling well, and when our bank accounts look well; but what happens to us when distractions and detours blow right through our life, flickering our flame and throwing us off course?

It is so easy, then, to get in our feelings and lose faith and/or blame it on the devil...when in fact we are the ones who failed to prepare for the tough times. We are faking it instead of faithing it. We attend church when it suits us or read the word only when we're desperate for a solution...but we put our faith on the backburner when life seems to be treating us well.

Until life isn't treating us so well.

Listen. That spiritual high we get from church service, empowerment conferences, or a few social media memes will not carry us through the hardest trials of life! We need God every single day, therefore we must seek God every single day. We cannot sustain ourselves. Only God is our sustainer.

Therefore, if we want to live in peace, we must live by FAITH.

Faith is only found through God's word; it is not found in our feelings. We cannot base our trust in God on our emotions. Our emotions are inconsistent and unreliable. That is why it is unsafe to "follow your heart" because the heart can be deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). Let me encourage you now to be led by faith, not your feelings!

How to do that?

Discipline yourself. Find the self-control to meditate on God's word more than time spent scrolling that timeline. Don't just rely on church service to fill you up. Use your cellphone in your hand to download the Bible app and start devoting at least 30 minutes every day to reading God's word. Even if you don't believe all that the Bible says, please choose to read a devotional centered around an issue you may be struggling with and allow those words to feed your soul.

Jesus is the Bread of Life. When we choose to go to Him with our burdens, we are fed. When we believe that "all is well" even when it doesn't look like it, trust me, all will be well!

I know. I have seen God work.

So, go back to the basics. Refresh your mind and your spirit with a new connection to God. Today is a new day for a new opportunity to do things different. Don't worry, God's grace is sufficient for a new start. Every day His grace and mercy is new. Don't ever think you cannot go back to God.

Relax; be at peace knowing that your faith secures your future.

Grace and peace,

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